Best Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Best Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – Mobility Cars, Wheelchair Vans

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are simply vehicles modified to enable the disabled to either drive the vehicles or be transported in the vehicles. They are usually fitted with wheelchair ramps or lifts to facilitate easy access to the vehicles. Modern wheelchair vans and mobility cars make the lives of handicapped persons much more active. This article will address wheelchair accessible van modifications, types of wheelchair accessible vans, other types of vehicles, other mobility modifications, and tips on buying or renting wheelchair accessible or mobility accessible vehicles.

Wheelchair Accessible Van Modification

Wheelchair accessible vans have to undergo a number of modifications. There have to be lifts or ramps to help the handicapped person get into and out of the van. If the person is going to be driving, the driver’s seat needs to be removed and modifications have to be made to accommodate the driver. The suspension system has to be altered to account for the additional weight of the conversion or wheelchair. The controls also have to be modified according to the requirements of the driver. For passengers, the floor has to be reinforced and harnesses are installed to secure the wheelchair.

Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Wheelchair accessible vans can be full sized vans or mini vans. Full sized vans are larger and can be converted from regular vans or specially made models. Mini vans are smaller, so it is easier to maneuver these vehicles in traffic. In addition, they are more fuel-efficient. These mobility vehicles offer side entry or rear entry options. For rear entry vehicles, the fuel tank at the back of the van has to be relocated.

Other Vehicles

Car manufacturers also offer sport utility vehicles and mobility cars to accommodate different needs. The sport utility vehicles are usually larger, such as the Ford Excursion or Suburban, so it is possible to fit in a wheelchair lift. Modifications have to be made to the side doors for side entry. Some of the popular mobility cars are the Renault Kangoo, Chryler Grand Voyager, Citroen Berlingo, Kia Sedona, and Fiat Doblo. These cars are somewhat smaller, but they offer the same convenience and features.

Other Mobility Modifications

With advancement in technology, there are also a number of other modifications that can be made to wheelchair vans. Driving related modifications include gas and brake hand controls, steering knobs, spinner knobs, left foot accelerator pedals, accelerator extensions, brake extensions, clutch extensions, sensitized steering, and sensitized brakes. Other modifications include raised roofs, grab handles, power chairs, raised door extensions, and power 6-way transfer seats.

Buying or Renting Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

For people who are planning to buy wheelchair accessible vehicles, it is important to look at your budget and specific needs. For passengers, the rear entry option may be better, because the vehicle would not need to be parked at a handicapped spot and access to the vehicle is easier than a side entry vehicle. Generally, there are financing options available with wheelchair accessible vehicles, as with most vehicle purchases. However, it is always best to plan ahead and figure out how the vehicle will be paid for. There are also wheelchair accessible vehicles for rent in almost all cities in the United States. To rent a good vehicle, rent from a company with a good record of accomplishment. If you are going on a long distance trip, it is best to get a full-sized van for greater comfort. Again, it depends on your budget and requirements.

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