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Lift chairs are often used by the elderly, the disabled, and others who may have difficulty sitting or standing due to bone or muscle pain. The use of chair lifts can provide mobility, comfort, and increased independence. Those with weak knees, back problems, or other ailments can prevent unneeded pressure on bones, joints, and muscles. Learn more about the best chair lifts available on the market, the various types of life, their average price, and other important details on this type of product.

Lift chairs are designed to tilt forward when the user wants to sit or stand. Once the user is seated, a button can be pushed to bring the chair back to a normal level and height. There are several varieties of chair lifts. Two-position lift chairs can recline slightly or tilt forward. Three-position chairs can recline slightly, tilt forward, or lay back completely horizontally for sleep purposes. Infinite positions chair lifts have independent leg movement that provides an unlimited amount of positions, from flat “sleep-style” reclining to forward tilting. Lift chairs are not only used for the movement of standard chairs. They can also be used with recliners or to bring users up and down a set of stairs.

There are several things to consider before purchasing a chair lift. These chairs can be large and stretch out to recline. Therefore, owners will need to have adequate room in their home, as well as access to an electrical outlet, so that the chair can be plugged in for power. Next, the owner will need to decide what colors and fabrics they would like their chair to be outfitted in. Lift chairs can be upholstered with various fabrics, including leather. There are several accessories that can be added to your customized chair, such as pockets, swing out trays, cup holders, saddlebags, and relaxing massage options. Depending on if the owner is right or left handed, the owner will want to choose a model with a handheld controller on the proper side. While lift chairs can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, the average price is $800.

The proper installation of chair lifts is extremely important for the safety of those using the product. It is recommended to allow a trained professional to install the lift if at possible, including those for stairs, recliners, and other lifts. Customers can also install the lifts themselves to save money. The installation can typically be completed within 90 minutes as much of the lift is pre-installed while manufactured. Instructions will be clearly illustrated and detailed to provide buyers the easiest installation possible.

Chair lifts can be a great luxury for those who have difficulty sitting or standing. Learn more about lift chairs, their benefits, and where they can be purchased.

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