Disabled Access & Mobility Lifts

Disabled Access and Mobility Lifts – Access Lift, Mobility Lift and Other Disabled Access Lift

Disabled Access and Mobility Lifts: Access Lift, Mobility Lift and Other Disabled Access Lift

Physical disability can occur due to many situations such as an accident, medical conditions or old age. Disabled Access lifts and Mobility Lifts cater to the needs of those who have limited physical mobility. These lifts help the patient access every corner be it an elevated platform or a hanging cupboard. These lifts can run with or without electricity.

Lifts for home, vehicles and businesses

A handicapped person faces a lot of difficulties at home especially when they are alone. For example – It is not easy for them to climb stairs or to reach cupboards in the kitchen. Lifts, designed for home, are modern versions of wheel chairs. Wheelchair stair lifts are specially designed to climb stairs. A mobility lift can be operated by the patient. Platform lifts are designed to access high cupboards. They come in a various models and ensure maximum safety. Through-Floor Lifts are designed to access multiple floors. Lifts for vehicles are a combined design of wheelchair lifts and platform lifts. Scooter lifts are designed for easy access of scooters and other vehicles. 

Different types of lifts

There are variety of lifts available catering to the needs of the patients and environment. The most common types of lifts include wheelchair lifts, wheelchair ramps (which go straight up and down), stair lifts (especially designed to cross the stairs) and scooter lifts (for easier mobility), Bath lifts (for taking a bath) and pool lifts (designed so the patient can enjoy a pool).

Features of lifts

The most important feature of lifts is easy mobility. The lifts are flexible enough so the handicapped person can move quickly from one place to another. Also they have excellent security features to ensure the safety of the patients. Some lifts have sensors fitted in them to detect the obstacles on the path of the lift. As the lift approaches the obstacle, an automatic button stops the lift. These lifts differ in their use. Some lifts are for stairs, some are for platforms etc. They also differ in their size and price.

Information on purchasing a lift, what is involved

When one plans to purchase a lift, many factors are to be kept in mind. All the requirement should be taken into consideration like for what purpose is the lift needed. Is it for accessing raised platform or climbing stair case or accessing a vehicle? The feature of the lifts and the price must also be taken into consideration. It is important to get a general understanding of the available models, warranties, pros and cons, details of their manufacturers and information on dealers in the industry.

Disabled lifts play a crucial role at home and in businesses of those who face mobility issues. They work very well in public and commercial buildings too. It helps the patient perform everyday tasks with greater ease.

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