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Find Wheelchair Lifts – Portable Wheelchair Lift, Wheelchair Platform Lifts

What is a Wheelchair Lift & How Does it Work?

A wheelchair lift or platform lift is a device used to raise and lower a wheelchair. In this way, the wheelchair and its occupant can be lifted and lowered to overcome a vertical barrier or step. Initially, the wheelchair is placed on a platform attached to the wheelchair lift. It has the same mechanism as an elevator.

Wheelchair Lifts for Vans & Stairs

There are different types of wheelchair lifts for van and stairs. Wheelchair lifts for vans have three types of entries: slide mounted entry, rear door entry, and under vehicle entry. One can select the lift depending on the parking options available and how the vehicle will be used by the occupant. If the need for a wheelchair lift arises while you are working with a company, you may be covered for the cost of equipment under worker’s compensation and liability insurance. There are many different types of wheelchair lifts, including portable lifts, electric wheelchair lifts, and hydraulic wheelchair lifts.

Types of Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts can be classified according to lift types such as platform lifts, hoist lifts, rotary lifts, and under vehicle lifts. They can also be classified by inclination, so there are inclined wheelchair platform lifts, vertical platform wheelchair lifts, and portable lifts. For the van, the lift can be used to move the wheelchair into the vehicle. There are also inside lifts and outside lifts. The main advantage of an inside lift is protection from weather. However, the inside lift can be very expensive as compared to the outside lift. Outside lift needs little modification and it helps to save space.

Buying Wheelchair Lifts

Whether you are planning to buy a portable wheelchair lift or a platform wheelchair lift, it is best to look carefully at the features and quality of the products available on the market. The wheelchair lift that provides the highest amount of mobility is the best, but you should also check on the safety and insurance. A railing and a non-slip platform is provided in the wheelchair lift to provide safety to the occupant. An electric lift has a manual backdrop that is used in case the power has run out. The lift is controlled by the occupant and it also has a movable control box to support the occupant. Some of the advanced features include audio-visual alarms, emergency brakes, automatic dual access ramps, and nonskid platform.

Cost and Insurance Coverage

Automobile lifts can be bought in the range of $700 to $3000, and some companies may offer free installation. Some other types of lifts can cost more than $10,000. There are options to finance the wheelchair lift; this may also be covered by your insurance company. Medicare covers 80% of the cost of the wheelchair lift. If you require a wheelchair after an accident, you are covered under liability insurance, so you should get coverage for the wheelchair lift.

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