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Stair lifts are used to lift wheelchairs and people up and down stairs. It is a mechanical device with a lifting platform or a chair that is attached to the rail to lift someone up a flight of stairs. Stair lifts are also referred to as stairway gliders and chair lifts. In order to purchase a stair lift, you need to be confident that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Stair lifts work to comfortably bring a person up or down the starts while remaining seating on the chair or platform. The lift moves up or down the railing that is attached to the wall to provide a smooth transition. The main purpose of having a stair lift is for individuals who have a difficult time traveling up and down a flight of stairs. Some people are not able to walk down the stairs while others are injured or too fragile to walk up and down stairs; having a stair lift is also helpful for family members of the elderly and disabled to relieve their concern of safety and comfort for their loved ones.

There are different types of stair lifts available; the most popular type of stair lift is a straight rail stair lift. This type of stair lift has a straight track that is fixed to the staircases’ steps. Another type of stair lift is curved rail stair lifts. These types of stair cases are more expensive due to the fact that they have to be manufactured to fit the specific stair case that you have in your home. Wheelchair platform stair lifts are another type of stair lifts that is designed specifically for those in a wheel chair.

In order to purchase a stair lift you should first decide on the type of stair lift that is right for you and your specific conditions. The next step is to discuss your options with your insurance provider, as this piece of equipment is not inexpensive. You can find a stair lift from as low as $1,000 to as high as $4,000 or more. Checking with your insurance company can save a lot of money if it is something that you qualify for.

If you need additional information on what you should know before buying a staircase or what to do in order to have one installed in your home or facility, check the following resources for more information.

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