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There are times when people find it difficult to do easy everyday chores like getting in and out of a bathtub or climbing up and down the stairway. These problems are mostly faced by senior citizens or people with physical disabilities. In order to cater to all those suffering from restricted mobility, various types of home and residential stair lifts are available to help be more independent and self-sufficient. In this article, we will find more about the different types of home lifts that are available to ease up life:

Stair lifts

Stair lifts are especially designed lifts to help people struggling with restricted mobility reach the upper floors of the home. It is a chair that carries disabled persons up and down the steps. You just need to sit on the chair and the stair lift would take you up and down the stairs. The chair is connected to an electric motor, which is further attached to a set of tracks. Home stair lifts can usually support a weight of 300 pounds.

Most of the modern residential stair lifts can be installed on straight and circular staircases, but the installation should be done by professionals. Generally, residential stair lift dealers offer to install the home stairlifts, sometimes at no additional charge. The prices of home stair lifts depend on the type of stair lift you are purchasing. The price of a standard straight stair lift start around $3000, but a curved or circular stair lift may go up to as much as $15000. You can also buy reconditioned stair lifts, which start from as low as $2000.

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Home lifts

Home lifts are great options for people suffering from old age and physical disabilities. It offers convenient transportation for people and goods in between floors in a house. Moreover, the security measures like backup facility; emergency stop with alarm, and interlock system increase the resale value of the home. A home lift is a practical solution to mobility problems faced by old and physically disabled people. Home stairlifts may require wiring and space to install.

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Wheelchair platform lifts

It may be very difficult for a person in wheelchair to go up and down a stair. Wheelchair platform lifts can help those with limited mobility retain their ability to move around their home and community. A wheelchair platform lift helps navigate throughout the house or building. These lifts can be installed directly with a wall on the stairway. Users generally have the option to customize most of the units according to meet their needs. Wheelchair platform lifts usually start from $3000 onwards, but refurbished ones may be available for a lower price.

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Bath lifts

Older or injured people may find it difficult to get in and out of the bathtub. In such cases, bath lifts can be used to help people move in and out of the bathtub in a safe and comfortable way. This device is easy to install without any drilling, screwing or altering the bathroom fixtures. Bath lifts are very important addition to bathrooms, especially when you have elderly people at your house. Slipping and falling in the bathroom is very common with elders and may result in serious injury.

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Walk in bathtubs

Walk in bath tubs are designed to help the user to step in the tub without raising the foot more than a few inches from the floor. These tubs have doors to eliminate the need to step over the side of the tub. These walk-in bathtubs give privacy and safety to people with restricted mobility and help them to step in and out of the bathtub without assistance. Prices of walk-in bathtubs start from $1500 and they can go up to $10000, or more depending upon the capacity and material used.

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