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Stair Lift Manufacturer: Acorn Stairlifts, Stannah Stairlift and More

A stairlift is an assistive electric device that allows people with physical disabilities to move around their home without needing to climb stairs. They are available in two kinds, the major difference being the power source; A/C stairlifts plug into an electrical outlet, while D/C stairlifts are battery-operated. Today, there are four, main manufacturers of electric stairlifts that are popular in the marketplace and that account for the majority of the sales of these devices. Each of these four manufacturers has its own strengths and weaknesses; consumers should evaluate each before making a final decision on a purchase.

Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn is one of the most popular a stair lift manufacturers and most installed in homes throughout the world. Their stairlift models have features that are practical, such as the capability of being folded away when not in use and the option to use a remote control for the lift. Acorn prides itself on designing stairlifts that are not just state-of-the-art, but very easy to use. This company is geared towards customer satisfaction. No matter what type of staircase a residence has, straight or curved or bent, Acorn stairlifts can adapt to the layout. Acorn 120 stairlifts are made for straight staircases, while Acorn 80 stairlifts are made for those with curves or bends.

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Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah is a British stairlift company. They began manufacturing stairlifts in 1975, and there are currently in excess of 400,000 worldwide customers of this brand of stairlift, compared with Acorn, which can only boast to have served 100,000 customers. Stannah provides a wide array of choices, with stairlifts not only for inside the home, but also for the outside and stairlifts for children. In addition, this company offers perused and rentable Stannah stairlifts that can be paid through monthly installmetns. All Stannah stairlifts come with many different options that range from the choice of color to battery-powered stairlifts, protective covers and removable bars.

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Bison Stairlifts

Bison has been dealing with stairlifts for 20 years, and they, too, offer their customers a choice between curved and straight staircase choices. Unlike Stannah and Acorn stairlifts, Bison seems to give their customers an even more detailed and refined customization choice pertaining to the kinds of staircase to install a stairlift on. Bison features 11 different staircase configurations that customers can choose from. With this emphasis on pleasing customers of all kinds, Bison offers one of the most sophisticated and exhaustive ways of home configuration among all manufacturers. Like Acorn, Bison also has two, main product lines that it offers customers: the Bison 50 for straight staircases and the Bison 80 for curved staircases. There is also a third kind of stairlift, the Bison Compact, which can adjust to any kind of staircase, curved or straight.

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Bruno Stairlifts

Bruno stairlifts is an American brand of stairlifts that provides customers the choice of curved staircase lifts, straight staircase lifts, and outdoor lifts. This stairlift company goes the extra mile by also offering vertical platform lifts and vertical lifts, vertical platform lifts being wheelchair lifts meant to access raised areas like a porch, and vertical lifts being lifts meant to give people easy access to vehicles. All of their staircase lifts are D/C style operated by batteries. Their straight staircase models offer customers a wider choice of models, as there are four, distinct lifts to choose from, including an outdoor model. The curved staircase lift only comes in one model, and it, too, is battery operated. Bruno stairlifts have a weight limit of 400 pounds, and many of the details and features of each lift are customizable down to even the most immaterial-seeming details. Bruno offers customers the chance to pick several kinds of upholstery, a choice of footrest, charge stations for longer staircases that feature a landing in the middle of the length of the staircase, and the choice of a power swivel seat.

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