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Used Stairlifts – Find Used Lifts For Sale

Stair lifts are used to help those with impaired mobility move up and down the stairs. New wheelchair stair lifts can be quite expensive; to alleviate some of the cost, many people are considering used stairlifts, instead of purchasing newer models. The following will cover the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a used stair lift, how to get a good quality used stair lift, where to buy a stair lift, and any financial concerns associated with the purchase of a new or used stairlift, including insurance, loans, and product warranties.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying a Used Stairlift

The main advantage of buying a used stairlift is the savings which can be enjoyed. A new stairlift can cost thousands of dollars more than a used stair lift. Some people are concerned that a used stairlift may not be as good as a new one. However, there are reconditioned stairlifts available that are just as reliable as many of the newer models. A with any big ticket purchase, there are also some disadvantages to buying a used lift. For people who are buying from private sellers, it is almost certain that there would not be a valid warranty on the product. If the used stairlift is a discontinued model, finding parts for the used stairlift may be difficult.

How to Get a Good Quality Used Stair Lift

Finding a good quality used stair lift does not have to be difficult, if you know what to look for. Try to find a reputable dealer for used stair lifts. Experienced stairlift dealers may be able to provide information regarding which stairlift may be most suitable for each customer’s specific needs and can provide valuable suggestions to buyers. Buying a stair lift also involves the installation of rails along the stairway. To work correctly, the rails need to fit the dimensions of the set of stairs. It is important to find out if the stair lift is reconditioned or just used. In most cases, the reconditioned model may work better than one that has not been refurbished.

Where to Buy Used Stairlifts

There are many places where you can find used stairlifts. If you begin your search on the Internet, you will find countless places where you can the stairlift to fit your requirements. There are classifieds where private sellers offer their products. There are also dealers who offer used and reconditioned stair lifts. There are also local stores where you may find used stairlifts, especially mobility-impaired stores.

Financial Concerns

A standard used stairlift usually costs around $1,500. There are usually financing options and aid available for mobility products, so consumers can contact government agencies, service clubs, and other relevant agencies to obtain financial assistance. If purchasing the used stairlift from a reputable dealer, consumers may get limited warranty on the product. When you are enquiring about the products, it’s also important to find out about insurance.

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