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Platform Lift News – Platform Lift Case Studies, Platform Lift Company Brochure and Finance

Platform lifts are used to help mobility-impaired people access and move between different floors in commercial, public, and residential buildings. Some platform lifts are almost like elevators, but they are specially designed for wheelchairs. To keep track of the latest developments and products, it is essential to have access to platform lift news. In this article, we will look at platform lift news and legal information, platform lift case studies, platform lift companies, and platform lift finance.

Platform Lift News and Legal Issues/Information

Platform lift news can be described as the latest information about platform lifts and the latest development in the mobility assistance market. The news can cover such subjects as new platform lift products, new developments in the platform lift industry, platform lift company news, and so on. Most of the information can be found in the company’s website. There is also news about legal issues related to platform lifts. The manufacture, installation, and usage of platform lifts have to comply with federal and state regulations. Manufacturers have to keep abreast with changes in the laws to produce the best and safest platform lifts.

  • Lift & Go Mobility: Come here to find news about mobility products including platform lifts.
  • Savaria: Read the latest news from a top platform lift manufacturer in the US.
  • ADA Accessibility: The complete accessibility guideline for buildings and facilities.

Platform Lift Case Studies

A platform lift case study seeks to guarantee the highest standards in the platform lift industry and make sure that the consumers are provided with any information that may influence their final purchase. Since the products are meant for lifetime use, it is necessary to conduct case studies, especially when new products are introduced. Platform lifts are meant for the mobility-impaired who depend on the lifts to access places that are otherwise inaccessible because the person cannot comfortably use stairs. There must be measures to ensure that the products are safe and comfortable for use. Each platform lift installation is unique in the sense that there are variations in measurements and specifications so case studies have to be conducted to monitor the performance of the lift.

  • Chase Mobility: Case studies on Old Burlington, King William Street, GCHQ, Westminster, and more.
  • Terry Lifts: Offers a number of platform lift case studies.
  • Access4all: Case study of the platform lift at the Great Central Railway Loughborough.

Platform Lift Companies

There are a number of platform lift companies who have established a great track record in the mobility assistance industry. One platform lift company in the U.S. is Butler Mobility Products. Their wheelchair lifts comply with ADA and ANSI/ASME code requirements. Standard lifts have lifting capacity of 500 lbs., but there are also lifts with a capacity of 750 lbs. ThyssenKrupp Access is one of the most respected names in the mobility industry. They have a wide variety of platform lift solutions for all purposes. The Platform Lift Company is a premier provider of platform lifts in the UK. They offer the highest standards in design, manufacture, and service. Another top platform lift manufacturer in the UK is Gartec, an ISO 9001 certified company that installs platform lifts for commercial and domestic purposes.

  • Butler Mobility: Official site with information on products, codes, dealers, and more.
  • Bruno: Take a look at their platform lifts.
  • Platform Lift Company: Official site with information on products, case studies, news, and, more.
  • Gartec: Official homepage with information on company, products, support, and so on.

Platform Lift Finance

A platform lift can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. If you are planning to buy a platform lift, it is best to get platform lift finance to help manage the purchase. Check with the company about various financing options, including federal funding, loans, grants, and veteran financial assistance. In the platform lift brochure, you may find useful information on other financing possibilities and insurance concerns. Medicare and Medicaid may also provide some coverage for mobility products like platform lifts.

  • Government Funding: The page provides information on the places to get government loans and grants.
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  • United Access: They offer financing services for their mobility products.

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