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Best Wheelchair Lift Company, Wheelchair Lift Manufacturer

Wheelchair lifts can be used for vehicles, residential, and other types of buildings. Residential lifts include the bath chair lift and the stair wheelchair lift. To buy a wheelchair lift for residential purpose or a vehicle, it is best to contact the dealer and find out about the features of the lift. If you own a powered wheelchair lift, you can contact manufacturers to modify the vehicle under the mobility program. For people who are looking for wheelchair accessible vehicles, it may be best to find dealers who have NMEDA member mobility dealership. Always check to see that you are dealing with a reputable wheelchair lift company. The leading manufacturers of mobility products are Braun, Ricon, Bruno, VMI, and Viewpoint. These companies have contract with top van manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Chrysler/Dodge, GM, Ford, and Chevrolet to install the lifts to the vans. The van manufacturers provide reimbursement under the vehicle programs to wheelchair users.


This wheelchair lift manufacturer is a famous name in the industry. It provides four different models of wheelchair lifts: Millennium, Century, Vista, and UVL. The lifts come with easy-to-install options that make it convenient for the user. All the van packages are based on ADA and NHTSA regulations. The cost of wheelchair lift for van is approximately $6800, but the cost depends on many other factors such as raised roof, roll bar conversion, floor; these modifications can cost up to $15,000.

  • BraunAbility: The official website with information on vans, lifts, financing, dealer network, and more.
  • HDS Specialty Vehicles: Offers a number of Braun wheelchair van lifts.
  • United Access: Another place to find a range of Braun wheelchair lifts.


Ricon is another wheelchair lift company. It provides a range of products for personal mobility. The products are compliant with the government regulations and they can be installed to vehicles. The equipment is easy to use and maintain. Some of the popular models are Klearvue, Clearway, Reliant, Uni-Lite, and Power Transfer Seat. Four models of Ricon Klearvue featuring varying floor-to-ground heights and platform sizes are the K1132, K1200, K1203, and K1205.

  • Ricon: The official site with news, support, and information on their products.
  • IMED Mobility: This is a good place to shop for Ricon wheelchair lifts.
  • VCI Mobility: Offers Ricon wheelchair lifts and genuine parts.


Bruno is one of the most renowned names in the wheelchair lift market. For more than 25 years, the wheelchair lift manufacturer has produced the highest quality wheelchair lifts for all purposes. Some of their vehicle lifts are the Curb-Sider, Out-Sider Meridian, Joey, Out-Rider, Big Lifter, Out-Sider Micro, and Back-Saver. Other than vehicle lifts, they also have all types of stairlifts and vertical platform lifts. Their stairlifts include straight rail stairlift, outdoor stair lift, and custom curved rail stair lift. Bruno’s vertical platform lifts can accommodate up to 750 lbs and they have a lot of features and options.

  • Bruno: The official site with information on their stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, vehicle lifts, and turning automotive service.
  • Apple Independence Mobility: A good selection of Bruno wheelchair lifts for vehicles.
  • Mobility Works: Take a look at their range of Bruno wheelchair lifts.


VMI provides conversion for Chrysler and Dodge minivans. The vehicle companies provide powered mobility program and the cost of Chrysler mobility program is around $1000, in which the wheelchair lift is installed to the Chrysler vehicle. It comes with cash reimbursement option that covers the cost of installation of such features like adaptive driver and passenger equipment.

  • VMI: The official site with information on minivans, full-size vans, and lifts.
  • All In One Mobility: They have a good range of VMI wheelchair lifts.
  • Movin’ On Mobility: Another place to find VMI wheelchair lifts.


This wheelchair lift company provides manual rear entry wheelchair vans, inexpensive accessibility mobility vans, and rear entry wheelchair conversion. The vehicles include Dodge Grand Caravan, Toyota LE, and VW Routan SE. Viewpoint also provides conversion for general Motors, Ford, Honda, and Toyota minivans. Full sized wheelchair accessible vans are equipped with a number of features to make it more convenient for the disabled. The full-sized wheelchair van offers such features as wheelchair driver and passenger option for long distance travelling, raised roof, roof conversion, option to carry extra weight, and luxurious interiors.

  • Viewpoint Mobility: The official website with information on vehicle conversion, wheelchair accessible vans, in stock vehicles, and more.
  • Drive Master: One of the official dealers for Viewpoint Mobility.
  • American Lift Aids: Offers the famous rear entry wheelchair lift by Viewpoint Mobility.

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