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Electric Stairlifts – All About Electric Stair lift

Electric stairlifts are ideal for people who have a disability or have difficulty climbing stairs without pain. Those who may benefit from an electric stairlift include senior citizens, athletes who have suffered a severe injury, and anyone with a physical handicap. Electric stairlifts are available in two, distinct kinds: an A/C stairlift and a D/C stairlift.

Basic Information About Stairlifts

Stairlifts are chairs that are fixed to a track that is bolted to a wall along a staircase. Installation of a stairlift requires no structural modifications to the home. While an electric stairlift is primarily as a way of transporting an impaired individual up and down stairs, its purpose can easily be changed to transporting luggage, laundry or groceries up and down stairs. Models generally feature convenience-features, some of which include remote controls for calling the stairlift, swivel seats, and a folding track at the landing’s end to save space. The stairlift may be plugged into an outlet or be used with batteries. It can also be installed on either side of a staircase. If there is a curved staircase inside a residence, as opposed to a straight staircase, then both the cost as well as the challenge of installing the stairlift will be greater, but there are manufacturers that currently attend to this need.

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A/C Stairlifts

The concept behind an A/C stairlift is that its power source comes from your home, since it is plugged into an electrical outlet. This has implications regarding dependability, because as soon as the power in the home goes out for whatever reason, the A/C stairlift is ineffective; a clear drawback of this type of stairlift. If the reliability of the continuous supply of power to the home is an issue, it is recommended that homeowners considering a stairlift consider how often the power at their home goes out on a yearly basis. If the power outages are frequent, then installing an A/C electric stair lift in the residence may not be ther best solution. If the power does not go out very frequently, then installing an A/C stairlift may be a great option to meet your needs.

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D/C Stairlifts

The D/C stairlift runs on batteries, instead of your home electricity, and is a popular type of stair lift on the market. The D/C stairlift has emerged as an increasingly popular stairlift alternative to the more traditional A/C stairlift. The main reason for its climbing popularity is its reliability in the event of a loss of power in the home. While not needing to rely on the home’s power source is a definite advantage to this type of stairlift, the increased costs for both installation and maintenance are a drawback. For instance, the batteries of a D/C stairlift, which have to be replaced every several months or so, cost approximately $100 dollars, especially if they are purchased online and the cost of shipping is included.

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Electric stairlifts, whether A/C types or D/C types, are benneficial for homeowners with disabilities, or just elderly citizens who are too feeble to move up and down the stairs on their own power. There are both pros and cons to each type of stairlift, and the decision on which to choose has to come down to personal preference and priorities. Here are further links to additional information on electric stairlifts.

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